Certificate in Psychoanalytic Studies


Students interested in pursuing the Psychoanalytic Studies Program (PSP) Certificate must first consult with the PSP Director (www.psp.emory.edu). When entering the program, they must start completing the Application for PSP Certificate and Course Progression Report. This report will be updated by the student every semester as he/she fulfills the program requirements below.

Coursework and participation requirements

  • Completion of the seminar "Introduction to Psychoanalytic Studies," offered every three semesters.

  • Completion of 3 four-semester-hour course electives. Each semester, the PSP will make available a list of courses across the curriculum that will count toward the Certificate.

  • Regular attendance at the "Lunch and Learn" and Colloquium series and at least one "Lunch and Learn" presentation. The" Lunch and Learn" series is an opportunity for PSP students to share their work with colleagues from other departments. The speaker gives a talk ranging from 20 to 30 minutes followed by a question and answer period.

Writing requirements

  • Submission of a paper of length and quality appropriate for a journal article to a three-person committee chosen from among PSP affiliated faculty. The paper may be a revision or an outgrowth of a research paper prepared during the coursework. The students can choose their own committee.

  • Approval of the paper by committee members through a notification to the program director (via email).


  • A section on Psychoanalytic Studies must be included in departmental doctoral examination.

Once the student has satisfied all the requirements above, the finalized Application for PSP Certificate and Course Progression Report should be submitted to the program director for approval and signature.

The Report should be submitted to the Graduate School along with application for the student's primary degree.
Please note: students are credited with the PSP Certificate on their transcript only if they apply for it.

For details, please contact Queen Watson, the Graduate School Assistant Director of Registration, at queen.watson@emory.edu